Published Writing Samples

Kept, 7x7, May 2017
Something Great About The Sun, New York Tyrant, February 2017
Let God, Fear No Lit, January 2017
Go Quiet, Lit Hub, November 2016 (excerpt from SING THE SONG)
Symbiosis and Rita, Cosmonauts Avenue, November 2016 (excerpts from SING THE SONG)
Zero, Volume 1 Brooklyn, October 2016 (excerpt from SING THE SONG
Ancient Ham, Tin House, June 2016 (also at The Guardian
Redhead PartyPeople Holding, February 2016
ScooterSmokeLong Quarterly, February 2016
Other BabiesThe Fanzine, December 2015
BiggerNo Tokens, Autumn/Winter 2015 (Print)
Blue Diamonds, Corium Magazine, Summer 2015
Insubordination, Spork, March 2015
Small ManStorm Cellar, Spring 2015 (Print and Online)
Whistle BabyCooper Street, January 2015
Street ParentingNailed Magazine, December 2013